Positive Leadership
in a remote setting

Masterclass series (ENG)


always between 2 and 4 p.m., once every 2 weeks:
1. MODUL - 7.9.2020 (Monday)
2. MODUL - 21.9.2020 (Monday)
3. MODUL - 5.10.2020 (Monday)
4. MODUL - 19.10.2020 (Monday)
5. MODUL - 2.11.2020 (Monday)

Modules – the detailed description - benefits

Join leadership development expert Sebastien Martineau (humancraft) and remote leadership industry expert Aleš Petr (Microsoft) in a five modules practical exploration of how to engage and motive your teams with positive leadership.


Sebastien Martineau

Sebastien, senior trainer at humancraft with 14 years experience, is passionate about self and leadership-development and know for his energetic and engaging training style. As well as a long-term leadership trainer, Sebastien is an Aikido Sensei (3rd Dan), expert on the application of positive psychology to business and leadership (IE Business School Exec MA in Positive Leadership and Strategy 2014), and qualified embodiment trainer (EFC 2019), able to effect deep personal change through working with the mind-body. Sebastien has been working with high level corporate clients in a wide range of sectors on remote leadership and remote teamwork for over 5 years.

Aleš Petr

Ales, senior manager with 16 years experience in Microsoft in different positions and he holds MBA in business management. His business motto is: „The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found yet, keep looking”. With more than 8 years experience, he is passionate about leadership principles and people development with growth mindset and never give up attitude. His leadership philosophy is Model, Coach and Care approach which is from his perspective fundamental factor for successful people leadership and management. Ales was professional team sport player in young age and this experience help him to understand and improving team collaboration in business life.

5 practical and interactive online modules led in English, which help leaders and their organisations thrive through an understanding of human behaviour leveraged to achieve extraordinary results. Applicable immediately online and face to face.

The Covid crisis has led to a huge increase in remote working, pressure on well-being and work-life balance, and difficulties maintaining motivation, relationships and high performance in our teams. In a remote context it is much more challenging for leaders to work as the key motivating factor in their team, with distance impairing awareness, relationship, connection and understanding.
Positive leadership is the application of positive psychology (science of well-being and high performance) to the human challenges of the workplace.
The Positive Leadership Masterclass series is an ideal helper for you to further develop authentic and engaging leadership, realizing your strengths and areas for development, and for improving communication and high performance in your face to face and remote teams.
The learning will be practical and actionable, and you will have development and implementation exercises between modules. The leadership development and best practice elements will be immediately applicable online and face to face too.

Key leadership topics you will go through:

1. MODUL -  How do I lead online, off-line or in a blended setting during an ongoing crisis times?

2. MODUL – How do I maintain my team culture and spirit online and offline?

3. MODUL - How do I activate, motivate and support my people’s performance online and offline?

4. MODUL - How can I keep my people creative and coping with transformation?
5. MODUL - How do I become the positive leader I can be?

5 modules in English full of practice, development and implementation exercises between modules + recordings of the sessions to have the knowledge always handy.

Sharing experience and facilitation by leadership development expert Sebastien Martineau (humancraft) and remote leadership industry expert Aleš Petr (Microsoft).


8.250 CZK without VAT
(9.983 CZK with VAT)

Maximum number
of participants is 15.

The price includes:
all 5 modules facilitated by 2 facilitators (10 hours of intensive training + development and implementation exercises between modules) + recordings of the modules.

The masterclass modules will be recorded. Participants will receive the recordings after the events and the series will be on sale and used for marketing afterwards. If you register, you give your permission for the recording and sale of the workshops.