We develop your people  
and your business

We realistically change things for the better. Cutting edge diagnostics, consulting, training and coaching…

Company culture, 
organisational changes,  
employee experience, 
a learning organisation. 

Joint visions, 
priority projects 
and roles in them, 
productivity, conflicts.

Roles, attitudes and the benefits of a leader, the development of potential and performance, management in change, managerial routines

and personal performance, 
the development of talent, 
negotiating and sales, 

We are humancraft.

After 15 years in the international family of Develor, we decided to leave the family nest and stand on our own two feet with the whole Czech team. Just as until now, there will be 30 professional partners at your disposal for top-notch development growth, but now under the new humancraft brand.

People are the most important factor in business success.

Therefore „human“

Top-quality work with people is a real art, which must be done properly and with passion

Therefore „craft“


Announcement of our change and we wish a merry Christmas to everyone!

Announcement of our change and we wish a merry Christmas to everyone!

It’s said that changes should take place when you’re at your best, so allow us to show off our good news. After 15 years, the whole Czech team has decided to leave the Develor family and become independent!

How to take photos for the new website?

How to take photos for the new website?

A new website = new photos. Not all of us like having our photos taken so you can imagine the “joy” when we found out that we’ll need new profile photos. Mainly, don’t blink, don’t be stiff, smile and be natural. Models really don’t have it easy…

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